NIGERIA: Archbishop Calls on Priests to Remain Faithful to their Calling

LAGOS MARCH 29, 2016 (CISA) – Archbishop Alfred Adewale Martins of the Catholic Archdiocese of Lagos, has urged Catholic priests to ensure that the values and virtues of the Church are preserved.

Archbishop Martins gave the address during the Chrism Mass at Saints Michael, Raphael and Gabriel Catholic Church, Satellite town where he asserted that Chrism Mass is an opportunity for every priest to renew their vows and commitment to God while rededicating themselves to the service of God and humanity.

The Archbishop advised the priests never to be distracted but remain faithful to their calling. “What they have renewed today should be kept afresh, and the light should shine incessantly in them, so that they may shepherd the people of God in the right direction,” he stated.

Commenting on the Easter celebration and the state of the nation, the Archbishop said Easter is an expression of hope and that by the grace of God, whatever is dead in mankind, will resurrect and come back alive.

“Whatever that is old in us, can be renewed by God. It tells us that our hope in life is based on the risen Lord,” he said as he urged leaders in the country to emulate the virtues of Christ and reduce the suffering of the people they serve.

The Archbishop noted that Nigeria is faced with numerous challenges and there was need to ask questions, particularly to our leaders, who have responsibilities for the welfare of the masses, and the country.

“There is too much poverty and suffering in the land, and if care is not taken to remedy the situation, the people will one day stand up and revolt because their expectations from the government have not been met. The suffering masses expect policy implementation that will improve their living standard vigorously”

Archbishop Martins noted that Nigeria cannot afford to go back to the era of deceit and advised leaders to work harmoniously and take responsibilities of the welfare of our people.

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