NIGERIA: Enugu Diocese Warns Faithful of ‘Fake Church’ Simulating Latin Liturgical Rites

By Paschal Norbert

ENUGU, FEBRUARY 16, 2024 (CISA)The Catholic Diocese of Enugu is warning its faithful of the emergence of a Church, which claims to be an Old Roman Catholic Church and is simulating its services in the old Latin Rite.

In a statement dated February 12, by the Diocesan Chancellor, Fr Wilfred Chidi Agubuchie, the diocese came to know about the church from a video doing rounds on social media of a simulated Roman Catholic episcopal ordination and liturgical worship celebrated in the lbagwa Nike area by a group of people adorned in vestments that purported to be a of the ‘Roman Catholic Church’.

He explains, “From its signpost and the invitation cards shared by its adherents, the group claims to be an Old Roman Catholic Church (ORCC), a Roman Catholic Society of Pope Leo XIII, a Roman Catholic Church of England and Wales and a Catholic Diocese of Niger Delta. Its signpost also bears the name “Precious Blood of Jesus Adoration Ministry (PBJAM)”. The group performs some religious activities that imitate those of the Latin Catholic Church such as Sunday “masses”, “exposition of their host with monstrance”, “Wednesday adoration”, “gethsemane night”, “divine mercy prayers-, “chapel of perpetual adoration”, vestments with Roman Catholic outlook, “catholic crucifix” and a facility that they called Pope John Paul II charity foundation. They are led by a bishop who does not participate in the Apostolic Succession.”

Signpost of the fake Church at Ibagwa Nilke Junction, Enugu State.

The Chancellor warned that the establishment of the ‘pseudo catholic church’ neither conforms with the dictates of the Universal Catholic Church shepherded by Pope Francis nor adheres to the bonds of the profession of faith, the celebration of the sacraments and ecclesiastical governance as enshrined in the Code of Canon Law (Canon 205).

“Therefore, the Catholic Diocese of Enugu, led by Most. Rev. Callistus V. C. Onaga hereby dissociates herself completely from the activities of the simulated “Roman Catholic Church” and warns all her faithful to beware of them, their activities and movements. Do not be lured by their claims, promises, simulations and religious enticements. They are fake “Roman Catholic Church”. We pray and await the day when the group will return to their original fold, so that, in answer to Christ’s prayer, we shall all be one and ‘there shall be one flock and one shepherd’ (Jn 10:16),” he states.