RWANDA: Nuns Killed in Yemen will be remembered as Martyrs, Bishop Says

KABGAYI MARCH 11, 2016(CISA)-The two Rwandan nuns who were killed in an attack by gunmen in Aden, Yemen  will be remembered as martyrs, Bishop Smaragde Mbonyintege of the Catholic Diocese of Kabgayi in Rwanda has said.

“We were informed of their deaths by the Apostolic Nuncio.We deeply regret their deaths but stay proud for their sacrifice that resulted in deaths. We consider them martyrs and they are,” Bishop Smaragde told Rwanda’s New Times Newspaper following the March 4 incident.

The two Rwandan nuns are Sr Marguerite Mukashema, from Kivumu Parish in Kabgayi Diocese and Sr Reginette from Janja Parish, Ruhengeri Diocese. Although the death of the nuns is a blow, Bishop Mbonyintege said “the Church in Rwanda is proud to have Rwandan nuns die as martyrs.”

He noted that the deceased bodies may however not be brought to Rwanda for the burial. “Usually, when missionaries die, they are buried in countries where they have been serving.

This means that they will be inhumed in Yemen. Although we are waiting for the decision of the congregation of sisters of charity in which they belong, there is little chance of their bodies coming,” he said.

Bishop Mbonyintege said the Christian community will visit their families and organise a requiem mass that will be held in Kivumu Parish, Kabgayi, on March 13.

He went on to explain that the mass will be time to recognize the mission accomplished by those nuns and to let other Christians know their sacrifice.

The two nuns were killed alongside 16 other people, including four Catholic nuns from India and Kenya at the old people’s home.

There are nine Rwandan religious sisters serving as Missionaries of Charity around the world, working as charity workers who care for orphans and the elderly.

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