S SUDAN: Bishop Calls for Speedy Investigations over Killing of Nun

YEI JULY 5, 2016(CISA)-Bishop Erkolano Lodu Tombe of the Catholic Diocese of Yei has called on the government to speed up the investigation of suspects who shot the late Sister Veronika Theresa Rackova.

Bishop Lodu said that “the judiciary should not delay the results of the investigations” noting that the the culprits “must be brought to justice,” Radio Easter reported July 5.

‘Bishop Lodu further urged citizens “to have hope, courage and unite in faith to serve God and his people.”

The prelate was speaking during the last funeral rites of the late Sr Veronika Rackova in Lutaya Parish in Yei Catholic Diocese July 2.

Sr Veronika Rackova, a Slovakian missionary of the Holy Spirit Missionary Sisters (SSpS was shot at and severely wounded on  May 16 by SPLA soldiers who were on night patrol in Yei Municipality at around 1.00 am. She was serving as head of St Bakhita’s Medical Centre in Yei.

The shooting happened while she was driving the St Bakhita ambulance on her way back from Harvester’s Health Centre, a more specialised facility for women and children.

Sr. Veronika died on May 20 at the Nairobi Hospital in Kenya, where she had been flown for emergency treatment

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