SOUTH SUDAN: Faithful Commemorate Feast of St. Daniel Comboni


By Opiyo Odiwuor

JUBA, OCTOBER 14, 2022 (CISA) – The Catholic faithful in South Sudan converged in various houses of worship and in different parts of the country, to commemorate the feast of St. Daniel Comboni on October 10.

At S.t Theresa Cathedral in Juba, 468 new faithful drawn from various parishes including Comboni Secondary School, St Vincent, St Daniel chapel, Holy family, Couple for Christians, English group, Bari group and St Peter and Paul received the sacrament of confirmation.

During the celebrations, Most Rev Stephen Ameyu Mulla encouraged the newly confirmed Christians to open themselves to God, calling unto them to ask for strength from the spirit of God in the new covenant established with Jesus Christ.

He moreover, said that miracles and gifts of Christ are possible to people who open themselves with faith and actively participate in expanding the church.

“All the miracles of Christ are possible only with people who open themselves with faith and all the gifts we receive are possible through our openness and participation,” Archbishop Ameyu said.

The prelate further called on the faithful to positively impact the lives of other people by being good shepherds in the way they lead other people.

“We must profess ourselves to be good shepherds. We must be good shepherds as teachers, doctors, mothers, fathers and as leaders,” the archbishop explained.

He also maintained that people of God, “must discipline themselves and the sacrifice must come from us because those who brought for us faith have sacrificed Souls after souls,” as he encouraged Christians to emulate the life of St. Daniel Comboni and avoid the easy paths to success, cautioning that such ways were bound to confuse the people of God.