SYNOD: Synod On Synodality a Consolation to Africa and Time to Be Heard, Says Archbishop Nkea

By Pascal Norbert 

VATICAN CITY, OCTOBER 13, 2023 (CISA) – Most Rev Andrew Nkea Fuanya, Archbishop of the Metropolitan Archdiocese of Bamenda, Cameroon, and a Synod delegate has said the ongoing Synod on Synodality is a consolation to Africa and “a chance for the voice of Africa to be heard.”

Speaking during a Synod press briefing on October 12 together with the delegates from Oceania, Archbishop Nkea said Africa sometimes feels abandoned and isolated with the many challenges the continent faces, thus the Synod platform offers an avenue for Africa to voice her concerns.

“This Synod is a very big consolation to Africa, because with the problems we have in Africa, sometimes we feel isolated and abandoned. But coming to this Synod we join with the rest of the universal Church to sit down and pray together for the problems that are going on in Africa and especially for the countries that are affected by war,” said Archbishop Nkea.

The member of the Synod’s Ordinary Council and president of the National Episcopal Conference of Cameroon (NECC) reiterated the Synodal process is not new to the African people as it is lived within our culture of walking and working together.

“Synodality forms part of the African culture,” Archbishop Nkea said, “because we always do things together as a family and when we do things together as a family, we always consult everyone in the family.”

According to Archbishop Nkea, the Synod gives a chance for the voice of Africa to be heard: “Africa has its own specificities and peculiarities, and when we come together to be in the universal Church and in a Synodal journey like this one. It is an opportunity for Africa’s voice to be heard and to be heard where it is supposed to be heard.”

The prelate who is also a member of the Synod’s Communication Commission said that despite the criticism and talk about the Synod on Synodality on social media, they are “freely and happily” expressing themselves.

“We are not worried about Social media and what others are saying but we are with our brothers and sisters. You feel the unity that binds the Church together and there, we are able to express ourselves freely and happily,” he stated.

In light of the ongoing war between Israel and Palestine, Archbishop Nkea called for peace, maintaining that war is never the solution.

“We have learned from what is happening in other continents, the wars that are just going on; Ukraine, Palestine and Israel, and other places. We all have to be pro-peace; war can never be the solution. We all have to be pro-peace and join together as one Church- God’s children, united. Pray for peace. Peace is possible,” urged the Archbishop of Bamenda.