TANZANIA: Archbishop Thanks Lay Faithful for Supporting Church as he Retires

ARUSHA, MARCH 20, 2018(CISA) – Archbishop Emeritus Josaphat Lebulu of the Catholic Archdiocese of Arusha has thanked lay faithful for playing a big role of evangelization and promotion of the Church’s development.

“The Church has never been without laity who are active missionaries. Lay Associations are active missionaries in promoting Catholic faith and local churches. I am glad that the church in Tanzania particularly Arusha has active lay who are real missionaries of their time,” said Archbishop Lebulu.

Speaking during the celebration of the Holy Mass at Burka Parish in Arusha Tanzania on March 11, Archbishop Lebulu thanked God for the presence of Lay Associations in the church for they have helped the church grow over the years.

He said that, since he was appointed Bishop of Arusha in 1997 and set up Lay Associations, the apostolate of the Lay associations in the diocese has always stood firm in the ministry, reported AMECEA Online News.

The Archbishop further stated that all Lay Associations were initiated by the first synod of the Archdiocese that brought forth deep evangelization encouraging the lay who do not want to join those Associations to remember that, the individual apostolate is unique and a great opportunity in the Church to evangelize, pray for themselves and the world.

Four members of Lay Association of Arusha Archdiocese joined in the celebration of the Mass to bid Archbishop Lebulu, who retired after serving as Archbishop of Arusha for 18 years.

Meanwhile, the Chairperson of the Arusha Lay Associations Emmanuel Mosha thanked Bishop Lebulu for being a committed Pastor to them both spiritually and physically.

He requested Bishops to appoint guardians of Lay associations. “Every Lay Association should have a guardian who will oversee various guidelines but we lack care of guardians,” he emphasized.