ZAMBIA: Develop Missionary Conscience of the People, PMS Directors Urged

LUSAKA MARCH 4, 2016 (CISA) – Zambia’s Pontifical Mission Society (PMS) National Director Fr Edwin Mulandu has called on PMS Directors in the country to develop missionary conscience of God’s people in all the dioceses.

Speaking during the just concluded PMS national council meeting in Lusaka’s Kasisi Retreat Center, Fr Mulanda asked the directors to work by PMS Zambia’s mission statement, stated the Episcopal Conference of Zambia.

“Our aim is to develop the missionary conscience of the people of God, inform the needs of the universal mission and to promote mutual aid between the churches and exchange spiritual values, material resources and apostolic personnel, awakening in this way a spirit of practical solidarity of the evangelization of the world,” the statement reads.

Fr Mulandu further noted article 55 of the PMS statute and explained that the meeting was being conducted to promote close collaboration of the missionary work throughout all dioceses of Zambia, to determine the topic and studying strategy for the annual missionary campaign and programme for campaign for the activities of the societies, for both animation and organization of fundraising.

He also said that the national council meeting which brought together delegates from 10 dioceses and took place from March 1 to 2 will look into the animation and administration expenses of the National and Diocesan offices.

PMS national council is an annual meeting which brings together all PMS Directors to strategies and plan for the next year.

Since 1922, the Pontifical Mission Societies have been the official missionary arm of the Catholic Church charged with the work of evangelization and charitable works throughout the world.

PMS also raises funds for the poorest mission churches of the Catholic Church and it exists through the generosity of Catholics and plays a crucial role in combating poverty, disease, injustice and exploitation.

With 120 offices worldwide PMS is the only organization which supports every one of the 1,120 mission dioceses, Apostolic Vicariates, Apostolic Prefectures, Apostolic Administration and Mission.

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