SOUTH AFRICA: Justice and Peace Commission asks Mining Corporations to Explain use of Tax Havens

RETORIA DECEMBER 1, 2017 (CISA) – The Justice and Peace Commission for Southern African Catholics Bishops Conference (SACBC) on Nov 29 wrote an open letter to 21 mining companies operating in South Africa asking each to explain their use of tax havens.  New research conducted for the SACBC Justice and Peace Commission shows that these 21 companies, which […]

IVORY COAST: World Leaders draw Emergency Plan for Libyan Migrants

ABIDJAN DECEMBER 1, 2017 (CISA) – The African Union, European Union and United Nations have agreed to an emergency plan to dismantle people-smuggling networks and repatriate stranded migrants in Libya. The plan was announced during the just concluded fifth African Union – European Union (AU-EU) summit that took place on 29-30 November in Abidjan, Côte d’Ivoire, reported Reuters. During the […]