May 25, 2015

  • bishop Muheria

    KENYA: Role of the Church in Matters Social Justice cannot be ignored, Bishop Muheria Says

    NAIROBI, MAY 22 2015 (CISA) – Bishop Anthony Muheria of the Catholic Diocese of Kitui has said that the Church has a role to play on matters of social justice and cannot be ignored. The bishop added that the Church has always been at the proponent of right action, “a defender of fair and just decisions, and an upholder of just and upright laws” “Any leadership or government and indeed any form of governance, cannot ignore the voice of the Church in matters of social justice,” said Bishop Muheria on the final day of International Missionary Conference at Catholic University…

  • Fr Lance

    KENYA: Youth are the Future of Missions in Africa, Priest tells Bishops

    NAIROBI, MAY 22 2015 (CISA) – Youth of Africa, especially those in universities and tertiary institutions are the “future of missions in Africa, Fr Lance Nadeau told a conference of catholic bishops, priests, lay, and men and women religious. According to Fr Lance who is the chaplain at Kenyatta University, these youth are better equipped with the energy, intellectual competence and technology. “African youth are going to change our understanding of missionary identity and relevance, and will give a new identity, relevance and role to mission” he said. Fr Lance noted that 20 years, Africa will provide the youngest workforce…


    KENYA: Church and State must Collaborate in Education, Bishop says

    NAIROBI, MAY 22, 2015(CISA) – There is need for a closer collaboration between the Church and state in the provision of quality education, Bishop Maurice Muhatia Makumba chair of the Kenya Catholic bishops Commission for education has said. “Neither the Church nor the state can take each other for granted…education is a shared responsibility,” the bishop emphasized. “The state has the obligation to provide education to all its citizens but the Church shares in this responsibility by desiring to bring humanity the achievement of its goal, that is full communion with God,” he said. The bishop was speaking May 21…

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TOGO: We are Living in a Delicate Moment, Catholic Bishops Say

LOME, MAY 15, 2015(CISA)-The Bishop of Kpalime and president of the Episcopal conference of Togo during their ad limina visit to Rome said that people were living in a delicate moment. This is following elections that were held in the country on April 25 this year  that saw the re-election of the outgoing head of state who won a third term but the opposition candidate did not accept the results proclaimed by the Supreme Court. According to Fides, the president of the Episcopal conference said that all bishops of churches in Africa should be involved in the social and political…


AMECEA Urges Communicators to Embrace ICT

NAIROBI, MAY 15 (CISA) – Bishop Charles Kasonde chairman of the AMECEA Social Communications has challenged members of the organization to embrace ICT for evangelization. The bishop was addressing a meeting in Nairobi attended by Communication co-ordinators, Catholic journalists and correspondents from the AMECEA region from 12th -15th May. Bishop Kasonde noted that the workshop aimed at creating forum for fostering the development of ICT infrastructures and capacities of AMECEA conferences is crucial as it envisages the empowerment of Catholic communication co-ordinators and directors in the AMECEA region in ICT skills and synergizing Bishop Kasonde, who hails from Solwezi Diocese…


KENYA: Church Leaders Remember Victims of Garissa Attack

NAIROBI, MAY 12, 2015(CISA)-Church leaders in Kenya on Monday May 11 held interdenominational prayers in remembrance of the 148 people killed in Garissa on April 2. The prayers held at Ufungamano house in Nairobi brought together church leaders from the Catholic Church, Africa Inland Church, Deliverance church, and the Presbyterian Church. “As we remember the victims of the Garissa terror attack, we should continue to pray for those who were involved in this tragedy- those who actually killed so that they be converted and have respect for life,” said John Cardinal Njue, Archbishop of the Catholic Archdiocese of Nairobi. Archbishop…


KENYA: Catholic Bishops Condemn Ruling Allowing Registration of Gays

NAIROBI MAY 8, 2015(CISA) – The Kenya Conference of Catholic Bishops (KCCB) has expressed concern over the recent High court ruling allowing the registration of an Association Gays and Lesbians. “This is a deliberate attempt by certain individuals and institutions to push dangerous agendas and ideologies that are unnatural, un-African and un-Christian. It is a threat to the family,” said Archbishop Martin Kivuva of the archdiocese of Mombasa. The Archbishop was speaking on behalf of the bishops during a press conference held at the end of a bishops’ plenary meeting at St Thomas Aquinas major seminary in Nairobi. The bishops…