NIGERIA: Bishop Badejo Urges Religious Leaders to Speak Up on Rising Cases of Homicide

By Arnold Neliba

IBADAN, SEPTEMBER 24, 2021 (CISA)-“There is so much death everywhere, in the home on the streets, and the schools and even churches. Everybody seems to be killing everybody else and human life has become cheaper than ever before,” said Bishop Emmanuel Badejo.

Addressing members of the South West Christian Association of Nigeria, on September 22, the Bishop of the Catholic Diocese of Oyo, called on religious leaders to add their voice to protect the sanctity of human life, while expressing regret over the rising cases of killings in Nigeria.

“Murders, assassination, suicide, lynching, jungle justice, ritual killings, armed robbery, road accidents, dominate daily news not to talk of abortions, and related killings,” observed the prelate.

“If Christians truly belong to Christ who brought us life, not death as the Scripture affirms then pro-life matters in this sense must frequently feature in interventions of CAN for therein lies our credibility as followers of Christ,” adds the Bishop.

Weighing in on the introduction of the controversial Comprehensive Sexuality Education in the education system in Nigerian Schools, the bishop urged the clerics to break their silence and resist the program, which he says will teach “the nitty-gritty of artificial family planning, including contraception and abortion and indoctrinated to view homosexuality and gay culture as another acceptable way of life.”

“All this is carefully couched as an introduction to gender issues and sexual rights but is perhaps the most destructive phenomenon of self-control, chastity, marriage and family life ever in history. Education towards self-control and abstinence is habitually excluded from the package offered to Christian children and youth in public schools,” said Bishop Badejo.

In his address anchored on the theme “The Christian DNA: Hope for the Nigerian Situation”. Bishop Badejo observed that Comprehensive Sexuality Education is promoted by Governments at all levels in collaboration with some Western and local institutions, and multinationals.