CAR: Covid-19 is not A Mild-Illness, Cardinal Nzpalainga Warns of Violation of Measures

BANGUI, DECEMBER 8, 2020 (CISA)-The Archbishop of Bangui Dieudonné Cardinal Nzpalainga has warned the population of associating Covid-19 to a mild illness and continuously flouting health protocols on grounds that the virus “is not virulent in black Africa or in Central African Republic.”

“In the name of life and in the name of God, I Invite you to take care of the life that God offers us and to obey the calls that he sends to us through the mediation of the competent health authorities,” he said.

In his homily during the 14th annual pilgrimage at Ngukomba Shrine, Cardinal Nzpalainga said, “At such moments, the snake suggests to us the illusion that the existence of the coronavirus is a decoy.”

“We are increasingly seeing, everywhere, a slackening in respecting barrier gestures and measures recommended to stem the spread of the virus,” he said cautioning populace from being careless during their engagement.

“The safeguard or the care of his health has never meant lukewarmness or coldness of the life of faith. God has never lessened in his ardor in the love with which he loves us. On the contrary, he reveals himself to us as the Father capable of seeking the lost sheep until he finds it,” he added.

As the country gears towards elections scheduled for December 27 Cardinal Nzpalainga called for calm and maturity during the exercise.

“During the elections, we often see the excessive practice of demagoguery. Demagogues are sellers of illusions; they promise what they can never achieve,” the archbishop said urging voters to be wise when choosing their leaders.