ETHIOPIA: Bishops Conference Marks Golden Jubilee

ADDIS ABABA AUGUST 4, 2015 (CISA) – The Catholic Bishops’ Conference of Ethiopia (CBCE) closed their Golden Jubilee celebrations this week with pomp and colour, Vatican Radio reported.

A thanks giving Mass was held at St. Gabriel’s Parish in Addis Ababa on Sunday,coinciding with the annual feast of Archangel Gabriel in the Ethiopian Liturgical Calendar.

In his homily, Cardinal Berhaneyesus Demerew said that the occasion of celebrating the Golden Jubilee of CBCE has given the Bishops an opportunity to reflect on their achievements and plan for a better future.

“We have had time to evaluate all the achievements and the gaps of the last 50 years, I think this has created for us the opportunity to draw a clear picture on how we can build on our achievements and also improve the gaps witnessed so far,” he said.

Cardinal Berhaneyesus also recalled the importance of a prayer prepared on the occasion of the CBCE Golden Jubilee and thanked all the faithful for reciting the prayer throughout the year.

“All the Bishops need your prayers, so I ask you to continue praying for us so that we may be able to continue our ministry in the service of the Church,” he said.

Dr. Girma Woldeghiorgis, former President of the Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia, asked the Bishops of Ethiopia to work hard towards reconciliation between Ethiopia and Eritrea.

The Bishops of the Ethiopian Catholic Church, invited Bishops and guests planted trees at the Entoto Natural Park in Addis Ababa, to preserve memories of the celebration.

Cardinal Berhaneyesus, who is also the Metropolitan Archbishop of Addis Ababa and President of the CBCE called on all citizens to care for the environment.

“We must not only plant trees on special occasions but we must be sure to take care of them and follow up on their well-being as well,” he said.

Religious leaders from different religions in Ethiopia also congratulated the CBCE for all their achievements during the past 50 years.

A book on the 50 years journey of the CBCE and a Compendium of the Pastoral Letters of the CBCE prepared for the occasion were also launched.

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