GHANA: Bishops Urge Politicians to Campaign Responsibly Ahead of December Elections


ACCRA, AUGUST 18, 2020 (CISA)-The Ghana Catholic Bishops Conference(GCBC) has implored politicians to exercise collective responsibly and ensure the protection of Ghana’s peace and safety during the 2020 elections campaign.

In a statement signed by Most Rev Philip Naameh, the President of GCBC, the bishops warned against engaging in politics of insults, stressing on the need for individual responsibility to protect oneself from the Covid-19 during the campaign season.

“We now have to face the difficulty also of protecting ourselves from this corona virus, the economic downturn in the livelihoods of our fellow citizens triggered by this pandemic, and, at the same time, we all have the grave responsibility of ensuring free, fair and transparent elections  as well,” the August 10 statement reads.

The bishops appealed for an end to election related practices that threaten peace and maintain the reputation the country has established as one of the countries in Africa that have developed democratically.

“For more than a quarter of a century, Ghana has become an island of peace and stability in a sub-region threatened by terrorism, insurgence,armed conflict, and socio-political instability,” they said.

They spoke against the buying and selling of votes which they said, “…corrupts the nobility of politics, and distorts people’s power and will under influence of money; thus politicians are elected not for their good leadership qualities, their high moral and ethical values, as well as the noble vocation to serve the common good and the country.”

The bishops renewed their call on the Electoral Commission of Ghana to ensure they oversee an electoral process that is free, fair and transparent for all political parties and candidates.

“The Presidency holds in its hands the people’s trust, and must ensure that citizens live in conditions of adequate peace and security, and also ensure a level playing field for all contestants, political parties and candidates in the December 2020,” the bishops said.

As the country prepares for the December elections to elect the president and 275 legislators, the Civil Society Organisations were encouraged to intensify voter and civic education and  help monitor the election process.