KENYA: Archbishop Muheria Emboldens Judiciary amid Operational Challenges

NYERI, JUNE 9, 2020 (CISA)-Archbishop Anthony Muheria of Nyeri has sent a message of encouragement to players in the judiciary who in the face of Covid-19 continue to face difficulties in procuring justice for Kenyans.

“We know the difficulties that this coronavirus lockdown and restrictions has caused to those processes which are meant to bring justice to the Kenyans and persons whose justice in one way or the other has been infringed,” he said in a video message shared on June 9.

He appealed to the judges, magistrates, lawyers and civil rights groups that despite the challenges, they safeguard the human rights without discrimination or prejudice.

“…you are the last door, the last gate for justice to be given to those who need and the last gate in bringing sanity and complete understanding in our nation. You are meant to help us meet this harmonious society where there is mutual respect and understanding,” he said.

The archbishop acknowledged that the judiciary and the legal sector plays the role of defending and restoring the human dignity of all people no matter their condition or status and that it stands on a moral foundation of right and wrong.

“We ask you that you may keep away from political maneuvering or machinations because that compromises justice. Remember the poor, remember the helpless, those who are voiceless and as you discharge the justice we urge you to be truly Godly and the nobility of your profession may shine forth,” Archbishop Muheria added.

The archbishop’s message comes a day after Chief Justice David Maraga blamed President Uhuru Kenyatta and office of the president for disobeying court orders, acting against the constitution, and the delay in appointing of 41 new judges proposed by the Judicial Service Commission (JSC).

Addressing journalists on Monday, June 8 in Nairobi, Chief Justice Maraga told Kenyans to expect a backlog of cases and congested court diaries as he announced the resumption of open court operations countrywide.

Court operations in the country had been downsized on March 15 to help combat the spread of coronavirus.