KENYA: Bishop Rotich Calls on Volunteers to Come forth for Pope’s Visit

NAIROBI NOVEMBER 10, 2015 (CISA) – Bishop Alfred Rotich, Chairman-Pope’s visit secretariat has urged Kenyans of good will to come forth as volunteers during pope Francis visit.

“For those of you wishing to contribute in kind, by way of your time, expertise, facilities and homes, we welcome you too.

We need volunteers in ushering, first-aid services, transportation, accommodation and meals for pilgrims and other visitors during the Papal visit,” the bishop said November 8, at a joint press briefing with the government on preparations for the papal visit.

The bishop conveyed heartfelt appreciation on behalf of the Kenya Conference of Catholic Bishops for the hard work that continues to be put by all parties involved in the preparations.

“The joint committees and sub-committees of both government and church personnel, continue to coordinate the tasks exceptionally well. We also wish to thank all Kenyans for the continued show of support and critical contributions toward ensuring the success of the much anticipated Apostolic Voyage by Pope Francis,” the bishop said.

He said that 1.4 million Catholics from all over the country will be expected to attend the Mass, alongside 20,000 outstations and places of prayer.

In addition, 60 Cardinals, Archbishops and Bishops from the Eastern Africa, 9,000 priests and clergy, 12 Choirs from different parts of the country will attend the High Mass.

The Holy Father’s events in Kenya will be followed live in 140 countries, through 5,000 Television stations worldwide and will be complemented by more than 10,000 radio stations.

The bishop concluded calling for tolerance and a lowering of the heightened negative political rhetoric. “… let the Papal visit remind us of the source of our common bond and destiny as a nation, which lies in God…”

Those willing to contribute by way of time, expertise, facilities and homes to get in touch via e-mail through or

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