KENYA: There is a Danger of Closure of Seminaries, Bishop Kihara Cautions

By Arnold Neliba

NAIROBI, OCTOBER 19, 2021 (CISA)-“Soon we might find ourselves lacking pastors when we need them for your services because we don’t have enough of them here at the seminary,” said Bishop Peter Kihara Kariuki I.M.C. of the Catholic Diocese of Marsabit.

The Bishop exhorted the faithful in his homily on Saturday, October 16, during a Mass to mark the closure of Golden Jubilee celebrations of Consolata Seminary in Langat a, Nairobi.

“As we thank God for his doing in this seminary, and even as we thank him after 50 years, we can say the mission is far from being accomplished and it needs more support. It needs more prayers and it needs more of your sons and daughters. It needs more of their prayer,” urged Bishop Kihara.

“Unlike your parents, you get married but only want to bear only one child. So for that case where do they fall? Where shall you get your priests and bishops? There is a danger of closure of the seminaries because we don’t have seminarians. Where shall we get priests? That is food for thought and when you are thinking pray over it. I am appealing in public because that danger is there. And woe unto you who will have contributed to the closing of seminaries,” Bishop Kihara emphasized.

The prelate who is an alumnus of the institution called for continued support for the seminarians who are currently in formation while noting that the support should also stem from the people who have been formed by the Consolata Seminary.

“Even for those coming up right now, we need the support from those who have tested and understood the purpose of this journey that has formed them and where they are they are earning their daily living because they were moulded, they were formed, they understood their vocation and embraced it generously with love,” Bishop Kihara advised.

Bishop Kihara acknowledged that the Consolata Seminary, in its 50 years of existence since 1971, has carried out part of the mission of evangelization per the wish of the founder of Consolata Missionaries, Blessed Joseph Allamano, that the gospel should reach every corner of the world and console the people of God who are living in the darkness of life.

The event held at the seminary grounds was also attended by the General Council of Consolata Missionaries led by Superior General, Fr Stefano Camerlengo, Regional Superior Kenya-Uganda, Fr Peter Makau, Consolata Priests, Consolata Sisters and members of the alumni association of Consolata Seminary.