SOUTH AFRICA: Pope Appoints Fr Joseph Kizito New Bishop of Aliwal North

ALIWAL NORTH, NOVEMBER 15, 2019 (CISA)- Pope Francis on November 15 appointed Fr Joseph Kizito, as the Bishop of the Catholic diocese of Aliwal North in South Africa.

Until his appointment, Msgr. Joseph Kizito has been the Vicar General for the Diocese of Aliwal North and parish priest of Aliwal North Cathedral Parish.

The Catholic Diocese of Aliwal North has been Vacant since the resignation of Bishop Michael Wüstenberg in 2017.

Fr Kizito was born on July 2 1967 in Kampala, Uganda. He studied philosophy in Saint Augustine’s major seminary in Roma, Lesotho, and theology in that of Saint John Vianney, Pretoria, South Africa. He was ordained a priest on September 27 1997, and incardinated in the diocese of Aliwal.

Previously he also served as parish vicar of the Saint Francis Xavier parish (1997-1998), parish priest of Saint Augustine’s parish in Dordrecht (1998-2003) and parish priest of Sterkspruit Catholic Church (2003-2013).