SOUTH SUDAN: Peace Talks Still Shaky, Archbishop Says Asking for Prayers

By Arnold Neliba

BUNGOMA, FEBRUARY 22, 2022 (CISA )– Archbishop Stephen Ameyu of the Catholic archdiocese of Juba, South Sudan has likened the implementation of the revitalized peace agreement in South Sudan to a shaky boat in the middle of a river asking Kenyans to join them in praying for peace in the nation.

Speaking on the behalf of a delegation from South Sudan attending the consecration of the new Bishop of the Catholic diocese of Bungoma, Rt Rev. Mark Kadima on February 19 in Bungoma, Archbishop Ameyu implored Kenyans to join them in praying for peace.

“Pray for South Sudan because we are implementing peace that is still not going well. It is like a boat that shakes in a river. And so pray for us and we will pray for you as you as look forward for your election. We hope that your election will also be successful,” Archbishop Ameyu said.

As Kenya prepares for elections in August 2022 the archbishop called for peace during the General Elections. “We also hope that you’ll pray for us as we approach our elections that peace may prevail in our country and as neighbors also peace may prevail here in Kenya.”

“Archbishop Stephen Ameyu, I would like to assure you as well as thanking you for leading the delegation of the other bishops and other priests on behalf of the catholic church in South Sudan that this people will continue to pray for the peace that you have asked for in your country and for the peaceful elections in your country. Although it may seem impossible God will bring it to fruition,” the new bishop of Bungoma Rt. Rev Mark Kadima said.

Before his appointment to Bungoma, Bishop Kadima was chargé d’affaires at the apostolic nunciature in South Sudan. Other Bishops from South Sudan constituting a delegation to Kenya for the event are Bishop Bishop Edward Hiiboro Kussala of Tombura-Yambio and Bishop Stephen Nyodho Ador of Malakal.

With just a year left for the transitional period, the Reconstituted Joint Monitoring and Evaluation Commission said critical tasks of the revitalized agreement remain unimplemented.

Among the tasks outlined include failure to ratify key laws and state governments function properly; delay in uniting the forces, lack of the Special Reconstruction Fund and failure to resettle millions of South Sudanese who are in refugee camps outside the country or in IDP camps.