SOUTH SUDAN: Release Information on Sr Rackova’s Death, Bishop tells Government

YEI REBRUARY 14, 2017 (CISA) – Bishop Erkolano Lodu Tombe of Yei has called on the Sudanese government to release information on the late Sr Veronica Rackova’s death.

“We demand for justice,” said the bishop Tombe adding that “the investigation on her murder had been started by the government but after making few arrests the government went quiet.”

He said that the family members of the sister’s were now restless and worried whether justice will ever take its course, reported Fides February 13.

Sister Rackova who was a Slovak nun from the Missionary Sisters of the Holy Spirit Missionaries (SSPS) and Director of the St. Bakhita’s Medical Centre in Yei, was critically injured on May 16, 2016 by Sudan People’s Liberation Army soldiers (SPLA), at a checkpoint they controlled.

She was coming from Harvester’s health care at around midnight where she had taken a woman with birth complications, as her health centre was not facilitated to handle the problem that the woman had.

On the way she met the soldiers at a checkpoint who shot her leaving her critically injured. She later on passed on the May 20 at Nairobi hospital while receiving treatment.

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