ZAMBIA: Bishop Lungu Faults Government for Imbalanced Development

CHIPATA, OCTOBER 25, 2019 (CISA)-Bishop George Lungu the president of Zambia Conference of Catholic Bishops has associated violence experienced in Eastern Province to anger and frustrations by the people due to failed developments in the area.

“Surely a small by-election for council chairperson then there should be war leading to the death of a person. Now if it’s just a by-election what about when the time comes for the election of the MPs and president, what will happen?” he said in his homily during the closure for the year of the Mission at St. Anne’s Cathedral in Chipata.

According to Bishop Lungu, the country is faced with a number of problems such as power load shedding, poor road network and lack of food in hospitals, which calls for special attention.

He says that development in the country is not equally shared, as government has concentrated much on developing Lusaka, leaving other provinces with poor road infrastructure.

“They are repairing roads in Lusaka so that they could accommodate many vehicles. They are building tarred roads now for me who comes from Eastern Province, who if I want to go to Vubwi I go through Malawi, I don’t feel okay. Going to Msupadzi (mission) is near but tomorrow or after tomorrow we are going to stop using the Chipata/Chadiza road (owing to the dilapidated state of the road),” he said.

With reference to education and health sector, he said that they have highlighted the plight of Zambians but their voice has been ignored.

“We speak to ministers, things are not okay. It’s true that some fees have been removed but if you don’t put money into these schools then there is a problem.”

“We talk to those managing Catholic run hospitals going by the problems they go through. Now when we reach a stage where there is even shortage of food for patients, things are not okay. Isn’t food the first medicine?” he added.

Bishop Lungu called on Christians to continue holding prayers and fasting similar to those held on October 18 for the situation.