ZAMBIA: Lusaka Launches Appeal to Support Victims of Cyclone in Malawi

By Arnold Neliba

LUSAKA, MARCH 24, 2023 (CISA)– The Catholic archdiocese of Malawi has launched an urgent appeal towards support of Malawians, victims of the Tropical cyclone Freddy.

While launching the appeal on March 22 through a statement signed by Fr Solomon Tembo the Vicar General and Fr Evaristo Kabungo, the Director of Social Programs, the appeal asked for prompt support for the people of Malawi following the effects of cyclone Freddy which claimed an estimated 320 and displaced thousands of people.

“…in solidarity with our brothers and sisters, the people of Malawi, we , on behalf of Dr Alick Banda, do make this appeal to you that you make donations to help the victims of cyclone Freddy in monetary and material support through Archdiocese of Lusaka Integral Human Development (ADL-IHD), the statement reads.

In complementing the support by humanitarian partners that are ramping up the response in support of the government-led responses to the tragedy in the affected regions, the archdiocese is inviting support in terms of clothes, beddings, kitchen utensils and monetary contributions before the Passion Sunday on April 2.

“At this time the Government of Malawi has declared a state of disaster in the southern region. Those affected have lost their food supplies. Houses have collapsed, clothes, kitchen utensils and cooking pots have been washed away in the floodwater,” it reads calling on faithful to honor the calls and stand in solidarity with Malawians.

According to a status report published on March 22, the number of displaced households has increased from 114,637 to 126,215 while 511 people have died, 533 are missing.