DR CONGO: Priest Kidnapped for Protecting School Children Released by Militia

KANANGA FEBRUARY 3, 2017(CISA) – A group of militia men has released a priest they had kidnapped for trying to thwart their effort of preventing pupils from attending lessons at a local school.

A Catholic priest of St. Alphonsus, Kananga who tried to make sure that the children remained in school was arrested by militiamen who then released him near the river Ngaza,” added the witness.

According to Fides on an eye witness account, the militias who have been identified to be late traditional chief Kamuina Nsapu’s men were going from one school to another disrupting learning activities and asking the teachers to free the children. They also blocked all businesses bringing the area to a standstill.

Kamuina Nsapu who was the leader of the militia was killed by the police in August 2016 and ever since the following month the group has been the source of insecurity all around the province of Kasai, attacking helpless residents and clashing with security forces leaving 140 people as victims.

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