IVORY COAST: Make Friends with Your Child to ease Communication, parents Advised

ABIDJAN, DECEMBER 14, 2018 (CISA) – Family and Education Association experts have urged parents to be friends with their children so that communication between them can be easy.

“By your friendship, you will win the heart of your child, his confidence and you will become his confidant, through regular conversations, he will understand that he is at the center of your attention and your concerns, and that you make the effort to understand him, answer his questions, and clear any doubts he has,” said Martin N’guessan, the president of the Family and Education Association, and a family matters expert.

Mr. N’guessan was speaking to parents on December 9, at the Etimoé School in Abidjan, during the 15th edition of the annual Family day.

He further advised parents to spend a lot of time with their children so that they get to know each other.

“Parents who practice this know their children better and are able to teach the virtues and values ​​that they consider important for their lives, and they develop an intimacy and connection with them that lasts until their children get married,” he said.

The Family and Education Association who organized the event on that day, invited family matters experts to teach parents how to develop friendship with their children, teach them values ​​and communicate with them on issues they grapple with like  drug and substance abuse, sexuality, Social media influence among others.

“It is with faith in God, in his power, that we will be able to face the current challenges of the family, without fear, but with optimism, victory mentality and hope,” said Fr Abdoulaye Sissoko, who celebrated Mass to mark the day.

“We are invited, parents and children, to purpose in this season of Advent to build a communication that will bring hope, generosity and happiness,” he added.

According to him, friendship between parents and children must begin at an early age and children must be involved in the day-to-day management of the tasks of family life.

This event brought together over 1,050 parents and children.

The 2018 edition was devoted to parent-child communication for the training of autonomous, free and responsible children.

While parents engaged the panel of experts, the children were grouped by gender and age group for free discussion around what they expected of their parents.

At the end of their workshops each group of children made recommendations. “Children are asking us not to promise lip service and respect our word,” said Jean Louis Allou, workshop instructor for 11-12 year old boys. They want more presence from them. Believing that they are aware of the dangers of life today, teenagers aged 15 to 16 have asked parents to trust them, avoiding overprotection.