SOUTH AFRICA: Refugees and Migrants, a New Missionary Territory, Says Archbishop Tlhagale


JOHANNESBURG, NOVEMBER 26, 2021 (CISA) – Archbishop Buti Tlhagale has opined that it is necessary to consider Migrants and refugees as a new missionary territory

In his homily in a Mass on November 23, during the workshop on Pastoral Care for Migrants and Refugees. The prelate who serves as the Liaison Bishop for Migrants and Refugees of the Southern Africa Catholic Bishops Conference (SACBC) said that “we are of the opinion that in our modern time, one of the major challenges is one of Migrants and Refugees.”

Despite the common challenges associated with the problem of migration, Archbishop Tlhagale mentioned specially, the communal migration of the Rohingya community, refugee inundation in Lebanon despite the country’s geographical size, migration in Sudan and the situation in Belarus.

His Grace Archbishop Tlhagale also spoke of the plight of South African migrants in the United States maintaining that “They live and sleep in the open because they are refused to cross the boundaries”

“And that is why we are saying migrants and refugees are a new missionary territory in our days,” posited the Archbishop.

The archbishop of Johannesburg called for prayer in response to the migrants and refugee situation, “That God Almighty will give us the strength of will to do good to migrants and refugees, the strength to see this major challenge.”

The prelate also urged the faithful to be eager to welcome visitors, migrants and refugees into our communities as it is when we celebrate advent and hope that Christ finds us eager to welcome him.

“We need to pray to God that he be generous in increasing our love. A love that is not selective. A love that accepts another human being. Now that’s a tall order, easier said than done,” he said.

Archbishop Tlhagale beseeched the faithful to pray for God to eliminate, “the obstacles that hinder us from receiving others, so to be able to accept those in need who simply ask to be recognized as persons.”

“Our biggest mission will be to have in every parish people dedicated to this new mission of migrants and refugees,” he said.