SOUTH SUDAN: “I pray that all may be one,” Pope’s Motto, Logo Unveiled

The Holy See has unveiled the logo and motto for Pope Francis’ maiden visit to South Sudan, which is scheduled for July 5 to 7, 2022. The motto comes from the prayer of Jesus in John 17: “I pray that all may be one.”

Bishop Yunnan Tombe Trille of the Catholic Diocese of El Obeid in Sudan and president of the Sudan-South Sudan Catholic Bishops’ Conference explains that the dove over the map of South Sudan indicates the desire of the pope for peace to prevail in Africa’s  youngest country. He says the symbol of handshake below the map, represents the reconciliation of the people of South Sudan.

Bishop Trille explained the meaning of the logo on March 23 in  a media briefing by the bishops’  in Juba during the launch of the logo and the motto.