SOUTH SUDAN: Pray for Peace in South Sudan, Bishop Erkolano Urges

NAIROBI, DECEMBER 11, 2018 (CISA)-Bishop Erkolano Lodu Tombe, of Yei Diocese has asked the AMECEA Bishops, clergy and faithful in the region to continue praying for lasting peace in South Sudan.

“What we need most now since the peace agreement has been signed is prayers so that the implementation is completed to stop to the bloodshed and create a lasting peace for the suffering people of South Sudan,” he said.

According AMECEA Online News on December 7, the prelate noted that South Sudan has experienced tremendous achievement in terms of peace, especially the recent signing of a peace agreement.

He expressed his gratitude to his fellow prelates who have been supportive of the peace process in South Sudan.

“The AMECEA Bishops have walked with us through prayers and we are indeed grateful. Additionally, some of the AMECEA Countries’ Governments have been very instrumental in helping the Government of South Sudan and the Opposition leaders to come to sign this peace agreement. These countries include Ethiopia, Kenya, Uganda and Sudan, and we are very grateful for their contribution,” Bishop Tombe said.

According to Bishop Tombe, the situation on the ground since the signing of peace agreement between the government and the opposition leaders in August 2018 is that there is tranquility in many parts of country.

This, he said, has made many people happy and hopeful. However, he observed that some factions of the rebels did not sign the agreement and that in some places, violence has continued to erupt.

“In some places here and there, once in a while there is the breaking of this agreement and violence still continues; but this is something that could be happening in any part of the world; we have to accept the fact that there is no agreement in any part of the world which is perfect and South Sudan is no exception. However, we are hopeful that the implementation will take place so that war stops completely to give people a chance to reconstruct their lives,” he noted.