ZAMBIA: Prioritize Economic Recovery, Bishop Kasonde Urges New President

LUSAKA, AUGUST 20, 2021 (CISA)-Bishop Charles Kasonde of Catholic Diocese of Solwezi has urged newly elected President Hakainde Hichilema to prioritize the fight against corruption, economic recovery, and the safeguarding of peace in the country.

“Hakainde Hichilema who is expected to be sworn in as President next week, will be required to do much more to fight the corruption that has been so rampant and unprecedented in our nation, to the point of almost degrading all the good tenets that we have made towards fighting against corruption,” Bishop Kasonde said in a statement released August 17, 2021.

He emphasized the need to prioritize patriotism, expressing hope that the new leadership will seek to make it possible for “a time of coming together as one Zambia, one nation in reality and not by word of mouth. We want to see this visibly in the way we live and we witness to the life in Zambia.”

Bishop Kasonde also expressed gratitude to the outgoing President Edgar Lungu administration saying, “We thank God for the government that has passed. They may have met their shortcomings, but it was not all bad. We also enjoyed some moments and we moved together in the development of the nation.”

“I urge the incoming government to work towards improving infrastructure in the North Western Province, people of God in the region were left out by the previous government. We did not receive a fair share, knowing that we have three huge mines here, but a number of infrastructures have not been worked on. We would want to see much more development in our land. To appreciate the goods and the gifts that God has given us through the mines and other interventions of development in our country,” the Bishop opined.

Zambia held presidential and parliamentary elections on Thursday, August 12.