DRC: Opposition Condemns Postponement of Presidential Elections

KINSHASA OCTOBER 13, 2017(CISA) – Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) main opposition party, Movement for Solidarity for Change (MSC) has condemned the country’s electoral commission for postponing elections until mid 2019. “Electoral commission president Corneille Nangaa’s remarks on the need for 504 days before the organization of elections is a declaration of war against the Congolese,” […]

SOUTH SUDAN: Stop Hate Messages on Social Media, Nigerian Bishop Tells South Sudanese

TORIT OCTOBER 13, 2017(CISA)– Bishop Anselem Umoren, the Auxillary bishop of Abuja, Nigeria has called the South Sudanese, living in South Sudan, and abroad to desist posting hate messages on social media. Speaking during the official inauguration of Our Holy Rosary Church in Torit, the Catholic Diocese of Torit, October 9, Bishop Anselem said that the […]